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Hello and welcome back to DAMGoodcooking.com!  I’ve been meaning to get this recipe up for you all for the past week, but I have been extremely busy….That’s an understatement!

For those that want to know what I call busy (Because you hear how busy people are all the time and really don’t do anything but waste time!)  I want to give you a typical run through of my day.

Up at 3:30 am to get ready to hit the office.

On the road by 4:30 am with my hour and 15 minute commute.

Warm up breakfast we pre-make the night before!

Start work, during lunch, I usually go to the park with my mi-fi device and blog on 1 of the 20 websites we run.  My wife @Cupkakeinpumps also http://CupKakeInPumps.com – handles the majority of them, along with her Web development company http://Sickfingers.com (shes Super Women).

Back t o work to finish up then head back on the road a little after 2pm; for whats now an hour and 30 min commute

Home around 3:30pm and change for out Shawn-T 25 min workout.

After workout, spend some time with Toni (Our Yorkie)

Shower and hit the home office for about 3 hours – ending this session around 7:30 pm

Time to make some DAMGoodCooking – we usually make our breakfast and lunch around this time for the next day and begin dinner.

In between we take Toni out for her last walk.

After dinner we chat for a bit and catch up about our day.

Its now close to 9pm (I should be in the bed, but I’m trying to gain super powers like my wife.)

I hit the sites to mod a few apps we have out on the market,

Hit the bedroom at 10 and read a book for 30 mins before i pass out and start all over again!  (currently reading ‘Gift of Fear’)  Why?  An employee left it on their desk when they moved back to the East coast!

PSA – For the crazy stalkers who now know my life schedule, we have top notch security and plenty of buddies… hint hint – Mr. Smith & Wesson’s

Anyway lets get to the recipe!!!!



Here’s what you need!

Thin Spaghetti

Little over a lbs of hamburger

Green Pepper


Spaghetti Sauce  (We love the Pacific Coast Four Cheese when we use store bought vs making our own)  Homemade spaghetti sauce Recipe will be coming soon!


Heat up a large pot filled halfway with water and also a skillet with a pinch of Olive Oil.


Chop of your Onions and Green Peppers the way you like.  I prefer iddy bitty blocks for the sauce texture.  Taste really great!


Drop your hamburger in the warm skillet and break apart.  Usually I keep breaking as its browning, if you don’t it will cook together and become harder to separate.  Just keep chopping away.  Add a little pepper and seasoning.




Me Too Toni, Its only going to take a little bit longer!  (Yes we have a seat at the counter for our dog, we feed her Becon Bits and Steak treats while we eat.  She is our little furry diva!


Once the Meat is nice and Brown, get it to the sink to drain.   It normally takes anywhere from 10 to 15 mins to get it nice and brown (depending on your stove).


Get the drained hamburger back to that skillet and toss in the vegetables.  Begin to stir to mix it all in nicely.  Continue this for about 2 minutes and add that jar of sauce.  (Yes the entire jar!)  Blend it in evenly and add the lid to the skillet (if you have one).  Let this sit for about 8 to 10 mins and toss that Spaghetti in that now boiling pot of water.



Be sure to re-visit the sauce and stir every few minutes.  Pasta normally takes about 8 to 10 minutes to make (I use the entire box).  How do you know when its done?   The Spaghetti test below!



If it sticks the kitchen cabinet the way spider man sticks to walls…. ITS DONE!  Sorry you can’t really see it because our DAM logo is in the way, but you get the point.  By the way, I’m not illiterate or cursing.  I know the word DAMN is spelled D.A.M.N  – for the newbies, DAM Good cooking is abbreviated with me and me wife’s initials.  Dave and Michelle.  Sounded better then MAD Cooking…  I don’t think I would visit a site with that name.  Sounds like an abused wife’s cooking website that would teach you how to poison yourself in a tasty way and not know.


Drain your Spaghetti and serve!  Now I’m hungry again!




IMG_1807[wpurp-searchable-recipe]DAM Good Quick Spaghetti Recipe – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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