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Stuff That Is Not Microwave Friendly (13 pics)

This is a quick common sense post to recap on things that don’t belong in...

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27 Food Hacks That’ll Make You Run For The Kitchen.

How many time have you been home alone with no will to cook your meal?...

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What did you have this weekend?

  Hello and happy Sunday Folks!  I decided to do a quick blog (Might do...

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Red Pepper Eggs With Cocktail Shrimp Breakfast

  Hello and Welcome back to DAMGoodcooking.com – Today we are going to show you a quick Recipe for Red Pepper Eggs with Cocktail Shrimp!  Such a delicious breakfast combo! ...

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Looking for something new to Grill? We got you covered!

  Hello and welcome back to DAMGoodCooking.com We had to disable the feature which allowed anyone to upload to DGC, some peeps were being naughty and stealing post from other ...

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SouthWestern Baked Eggs

Baked eggs is one of those dishes that I just plain forget about. Knowing how to make a great baked egg is one of those kitchen tricks everyone should be ...

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