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30 Disgusting Canned Foods You Probably Never Knew Existed

Some of these are waaaaaaay overboard for canned foods.  I guess you can get anything...

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WTF – Burger King’s ‘Black Burger’ Even Has Black Cheese

Who knows how many cheeseburger-noshing rules will be broken by this new sandwich from Burger...

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DGC Top 50 Food Fails

A Little Tuesday Morning Humor for everyone!   Pizza 1 Pasta al inferno 2 His...

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Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Smoothie Recipe!

Both my wife and I are big into Smoothies.  I don’t believe in going to Tropical Smoothie or that other place and spending 20 bucks for something I can make ...

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Halloween Witch Cake Pops Recipe!

Who is excited for Halloween? I know that I am!!! – Well Kind of! Not looking forward to the door bell ringing and our Yorkie going Ape s*it every 10 ...

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Hard Shell Chicken Breakfast Tacos

Hello and welcome back to DAMGoodCooking.com Sorry we have been gone for a few weeks, it was time to take a much needed vacation on the other side of the ...

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