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9 Must Try Secret Menu Items From McDonald’s

If you like greasy and fatty, these McDonald’s secret menu items will make your day!...

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Can You Tell The Difference Between Prison Food And The Lunches Served In Schools?

Of couse you will never get the following image at either =) Hello guys and...

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A Sampling Of The Many Awesome Foods That Can Be Found While Visiting Japan

Ramen with pork and egg This was so good, I wanted to cry!! Takoyaki Eaten...

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Slow Cooker Apple 6 (1 of 1)

DAM Good Slow Cooked Apple Bourbon BBQ!

Hey Guys it is Michelle and I am back with a slow cooker recipe! While at the grocery store, we came across some packages of Campbell’s sauce for the slow ...

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Loaded Grilled Baker Burger

  The only disadvantage to having a large Thanksgiving turkey is….I can’t get back out on the grill for awhile due to all the leftovers! Here’s a great recipe I ...

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Crispy Baked Herb Chicken and Potatoes

Hello folks and welcome back to http://DAMGoodCooking.com Today I have a great recipe for you – Crispy Baked Herb Chicken and Potatoes.   Well you know the turkey recipe and ...

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