DAM Good Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich


Hello and welcome back to DAM Good Cooking!  Sorry we have been away for awhile, but time is just not on my side lately.  Running multiple business and working a 9 – 5 with a 4 hour total commute is just not cutting it!  I stumbled across this FACEBOOK post where someone was extremely creative (They made a Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich).  First Thought!  I GOT TO TRY IT!

I made it for my wife and brother who both LOVEEED IT!  Unfortunately I am still sick and stuck to eating soup (now 3rd straight day) and could not enjoy it.  I can’t wait until I’m all better to give this a shot!

Well here goes!  All you need is Butter, Bread, Mozzarella Cheese slices, pepperoni and Pizza Sauce!  I picked all of these up at the local TARGET Store.


First Heat your skillet, throw on some butter to coat, while simmering the pizza sauce (Low heat for the pizza sauce, medium for the large skillet).  Also Pay no attention to the DAMN soup in the back ground that I have been having for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 straight days!  I hate chicken noodle soup now….I really do!



After your butter is evenly layered across the skillet, drop your fresh bread on top!


My apologizes for the photos, I wanted to get this post listed ASAP and didn’t want to spend hours editing!

After allowing the bread to sit for 1 minute or two, coat the top with the warm pizza sauce to your liking.


Next add two slices of mozzarella cheese to both breads and let sit for 1 minute to allow the melt down process.


After 1 minute add the pepperoni to both slices!  Oh Yeah!


Let sit for 1 more minute before folding together creating one master piece.


Flip as much as you see fit to your liking.  If you like it brown, pull it off after a few flips, its already ready.  If you like it very crisp, keep in on two minutes each side and get that extreme crunchiness.  This is how my wife prefers it, you will see a sample of both below!

image1 image2 image3

Time to dig in!  Enjoy!  Please let us know how yours turned out!



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