Hard Shell Chicken Breakfast Tacos


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Sorry we have been gone for a few weeks, it was time to take a much needed vacation on the other side of the US.  Yes we drove over 2300 miles there, and 2300 miles back.  What a road trip!

Today we had delicious Hard shell Chicken Breakfast Tacos – very simple and easy to make.

Here’s what you will need.

Chicken – every time I BBQ, I make some much we have leftovers, I like to re-invent the leftovers into something completely different to keep the taste buds from being bored.  So if you have leftovers, this will save you some time, if not get to slicing up that chicken my friend!

* Shredded Cheese

* Eggs

* Taco Shells

* Lettuce

* Tomatoes

* Onions

* Taco Seasoning


First off, get your fresh chicken sliced to thing pieces and apply to the skillets to brown.  In my case as stated above, I already had some left overs from the BBQ the night before, so I simply dropped them into the skillet to warm up and sprinkled the Taco seasoning on it while stirring.  you can get Taco seasoning from your local grocery store, I usually get the Taco bell flavored because I have had bad experiences with some others I won’t mention =)

Next chop up some tomatoes into thin pieces along with your onions.

Grab some lettuce and shredded it as small as possible.  (Can’t have a proper Taco without shredded lettuce).

Get those eggs to the skillets and get to scrambling.

this is a quick, simple, easy, delicious recipe for that Breakfast tummy!


P.S.  you can also make this on wraps instead of hard shells if preferred!



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