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This week has been extremely busy for me, my wife took over adding some really great recipes, while I tackled my work load.

She added a delicious Mango Salsa Recipe <–which can be found here!

She also added an amazing Dam Good Way to make Potatoes Recipe <–which can be found here!

I should be done with the new apps I creating and book I’m writing NLT (No Later Than) tomorrow.  I am super excited about that!  The only thing left would be to tweak a few things on the apps and also proof read the book multiple times.

That’s the good news, the bad news is my truck that’s been all over the USA with us is a little bit sick.  I bought that truck without even test driving (which is crazy) over 8 years ago, and never had any major issues with it. Its been back and forth from Ohio to Florida Multiple times, Florida to Michigan 10 times.  Florida to Texas Twice, and Michigan to California.    We paid cash in full and definitely got our moneys worth!

Well the head gaskets are going and its a whopping $3,100.00 bucks to fix just that before tax, and than what ever else that caused them to go,  so we have a very tough choice to ponder on for a bit.

With the truck out of commission – I decided to take my anger out on food!  Here is a great party display for your upcoming Halloween party – go POSTAL ON IT!

What other neat Halloween food display have you seen or created?  Please share!




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