Grilled Beef Ribs, Lobster Tails & Shrimp Kabobs

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We said we would do a “What did you have this weekend!” blog every Sunday, if you missed last weeks CHECK IT OUT HERE.


I tried to do something a bit different for our last weekend grilling, but I just love lobster tails, so I had to once again incorporate that into this Grilling episode…..Sorry!  You can never have enough Lobster tails!

This is just to give a few ideas of the many wonderful things you can make on the Grill!


You can buy skewers at your local grocery store for a few bucks for your kabobs.  Shrimp, Onion, Green pepper, Red pepper, Tomato Kabobs only take about 20 mins on the grill.  DELICIOUS!


The key to grilling lobster is to wait until the outer shell turns a bright red while on the grill- Once it goes from that dark burgundy color to bright red…Its done!  usually takes about 15 mins tops to fully cook.

Now dinner is served….Also I noticed we are addicted to grilled corn by revisiting these blogs, I guess we are going to have to find some new addictive side items =)

Lastly..note to self, flip the lobster tail over for the final pic so it doesn’t look like something out of an alien movie =)  May look evil, but tasted like a piece of Heaven!



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