DAM Good Grilled Burgers

Hello, Happy Saturday and welcome back to DAMGoodcooking.com

in today’s episode we will show you how to make a DAM good Grilled Burger!  For those new to DAM Good Cooking, we are not actually saying “Damn” – DAM is a combination of my wife and I initials… Dave and Michelle =)

Here’s what your going to need to make this magic happen!


I did forget to snap a photo of the Onion, be sure to add that if you like onions. =)

The key to making a good grilled burger is to make them nice a big.  We usually spend a little extra for the 85% lean burger (I’d go higher if my local market carried it), this will prevent it from shrinking to much from the formed patty you made.

Make it big, or go home!  Well your probably already at home, but you get my point. Nobody wants a thin anorexic hamburger that’s lighter then the bun. We want a nice sumo burger that will flatten the button bun like a deflated tire.

My next secret is – cook your burger on non-stick foil! (Reynolds better sponsor us soon as much as I promote this product)

Grilling your burger on non-stick foil will still retain 100% of the grilled taste – if that’s what your seeking when grilling, but it will also contain 80% (My guesstimate) more juices that the burger normally spills out onto the grill. CHECK OUT THIS POST Where I explain a lot about grilling with foil.

Side note – I do Poke mini holes in the foil to get the smoked / grilled taste, but the burger juices still remain with the burger.  A few photos below shows this example!


After you get the burgers on the grill, begin sauteing your green peppers and onions in a nice warm skillet.  My wife tossed in some pepper, salt, and adobo for seasoning!


I personally don’t like rare or medium-rare burgers – I want a nice cooked burger. So I know my burger is ready when the darker brown shades start to develop on the top and bottom of the patty.


Be sure to chop up your goodies in between flips, or have someone take care of it while your on the grill.



LETS EAT![wpurp-searchable-recipe]DAM Good Grilled Burgers – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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