McDonald’s Finally Reveals How Their Delicious French Fries Are Made


This is a new era for fast food. No longer can the chains that have dominated America and beyond simply hold our noses and force our mouths open while feeding us their delicious-yet-mysterious foods. People demand accountability now, and fast food chains have had to sort-of-answer the consumer demands to be transparent with ingredients. Is Taco Bell’s meat made of cardboard? Does Burger King pack its beef patties with sawdust and diapers? Is a Wendy’s chocolate milkshake truly just pureed baby seal? WE DEMAND ANSWERS!

This week, McDonald’s has the web buzzing, because when it comes to all of the food items that are served under the Golden Arches, what we care about most of all is those delicious, golden brown French fries. Please, Mayor McCheese, tell us that the fries aren’t made from the same pink slime that we’ve seen pumped into the Chicken McNuggets. Fortunately, McDonald’s invited McRib investigator Grant Imahara to walk us all through the process of making these fries, and let’s hope they’re telling the truth.

McDonalds Fries How They're Made


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