How To Make Your Very Own Chipotle Mild Sauce


Hello folks, and welcome back to – My wife and I seem to always end up at Chipotle Mexican Grill every week, and its the same routine.  She gets the Chicken Burrito loaded with her favorites or Chick Bowl, and I always get the Steak Burrito loaded with my favorites.

But what drives us there weekly?  Can’t we make our own version of Chipotle burritos?  I bet I could possibly even make it better!  So whats the factor that seems to be impossible to recreate?  Its just steak or chicken chunks, tomatoes, corn, lettuce, sour cream, etc.  Whats the trick?  Why are they suckering me in every week?

Now I search all over for those huge flying saucer wraps and finally stumbled across them at my local Save Mart grocery store (Love that place!).  So whats my excuse now?  It seems we always get the same sauce added to our meals, the Chipotle Mile sauce.  Could it be its just the sauce?????  WTF?

I reveal to you, how to make your own Chipotle sauce!  And have extra for what other tasty meal that seems suitable for it.

Scroll past the photo Gallerybelow for Instructions on how its made

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