Red Pepper Eggs With Cocktail Shrimp Breakfast


Hello and Welcome back to – Today we are going to show you a quick Recipe for Red Pepper Eggs with Cocktail Shrimp!  Such a delicious breakfast combo!

Here’s what you will need.



We just recently switched to the brown eggs, whats the difference you might ask?  Nothing as far as nutrition is concern, white chickens lay white eggs and red feather chickens lay brown.

Why the switch?  We decided to buy eggs that are from chickens that are CAGE FREE! I don’t like my eggs to come from chickens that have had their beaks chopped off to keep them from pecking each other in overcrowded cages….this is one of the easiest foods to find humane versions of so we decided to pay a bit more and switch.  The bad karma isn’t worth it to me to save a few cents….


Be sure to make your cuts at this angel.  The very first time I did this for green pepper eggs recipe, didn’t turn out so well and kept breaking apart.  It seems like common sense (but in the morning I sometimes lack that).


Now cut out the core and give the peppers a quick rinse to get rid of those seeds.

After the rinse, get some olive oil on the skillet and space out the peppers neatly.


I added some pink salt and pepper for seasoning – feel free to add your favorite!  Also cook to your liking, I never liked the messy yolk so I make mines over-hard and not sunny side up.


Now if you want to be extremely neat and fancy, you can scrap the additional egg from around the red peppers to make a statement to your serving party.  In my case – the only statement I’m making is the extra Egg’s going in our belly’s so the extra egg stays =)

Its time to Eat – Dig in![wpurp-searchable-recipe]Red Pepper Eggs With Cocktail Shrimp Breakfast – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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