DAM Good Grilled Cheese Sandwich


I felt bad for not supplying you folks with good recipes because of our busy schedule, I decided to knock out another one really quick.  I have been wanting to share this since digesting it.  This folks is what http://DAMGoodCooking.com is all about!  I present to you a DAM Good Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  If it was not for the comparison to our websites name DAMGoodCooking, I would have titled this post DAM Great Grilled Chesse Sandwich

As I was typing this, something came to mind, why is it called Grilled cheese?  Its fried!  Shouldn’t it be called Fried Cheese Sandwich?  I guess I’ll have to research the history!  At any rate here is what you will need!




Turkey or Ham (I used both for my sandwich)



Start by spreading butter on only on one side of all pieces of bread.  to be honest, I think this is the part of prepping grilled cheese sandwiches that every one hates.  You’re spreading butter and the breads breaking apart – has to be an easier way right?  Well I found one, instead of spreading it, I break of mini chunks of butter and press it into the bread.  I usually place eight chunks (4 at top and 4 at bottom) on one piece of bread and walla!  Comes out great!

After getting the butter on the bread, turn your skillet on medium, wait about 3 mins for it to warm and add the bread butter side down.  After adding the bread – add the cheese and the toppings as shown below.



My wife buys this fancy (I just call it that because shes picky) big bread – so I have to use 1 and 1/2 pieces of cheese to properly layer it.

My secret before adding the other top piece of bread (Butter side up) and flipping is to wait for the cheese to bend as shown in the photo below.  The longer the top bread is off, the quicker it will cook and melt well.


Once it starts to bend, add the top layer of bread butter side up and flip it over.

I usually let each side sit for about 5 minutes and its ready!

Breakfast is served!  Even though this was our dinner for that night.  I ate something off a food truck and my tummy felt like I ate that green ghost (Slimer) from Ghost Busters.  Nothing like soup and sandwiches, when the tummy is not up to par!

IMG_0308 IMG_0309 IMG_0310 IMG_0311



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